Mirthe Coenen

Mirthe Coenen, MD

PhD student, resident Neurology


Medicine, VU Medical Center Amsterdam

Psychobiology, University of Amsterdam

Research focus
Lesion symptom mapping in vascular cognitive impairment

Current projects

Mirthe Coenen combines her PhD with her clinical training as a resident neurology at the UMC Utrecht. Her research focus is on the impact of vascular lesion location, especially white matter hyperintensities in memory clinic patients.  She works within the META VCI Map consortium, which is an international collaborative network of research groups that aims to perform large-scale lesion-symptom mapping studies by integrating multicenter lesion data from different cohorts.  These studies  aim to develop  ‘vulnerability maps’ of the brain that can add new insights into the diagnosis and prognosis of vascular cognitive impairment.



E: m.coenen@umcutrecht.nl
T: +31 88 757 7133