Chloë Verhagen

Chloë Verhagen, MSc
PhD student

Neuropsychology, Utrecht University

Research focus
Accelerated cognitive decline in patients with diabetes type 2

Current projects

Chloë Verhagen is involved in two large randomized controlled trials, CAROLINA and CARMELINA ( Identifier: NCT 01243424). These trials evaluate the effect of treatment with the glucose lowering agent linagliptin on cardiovascular outcomes in people with diabetes type 2. Cognitive assessment is an integral part of these trials, and longitudinal cognitive data have been collected from over 7000 patients. Chloë’s expertise is on cognition and she works on interpreting cognitive data of the trials in relation to treatment, but also in relation to other biomedical variables, using advanced statistical analyses. Through this, the project tries to establish if treatment with linagliptin can reduce the occurrence of accelerated cognitive decline that is seen in patients with diabetes type 2. The project involves an international team of collaborators, including medical doctors, psychologists, statisticians and trial experts.

CARMELINA-cognition study
CAROLINA-cognition study
Parelsnoer NDZ

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