Jooske Boomsma

Jooske M.F. Boomsma, MD
PhD candidate
Resident in neurology OLVG West, Amsterdam

Medicine, University of Amsterdam
Neurology residency (2010 – completed January 2019)

Research focus
Cognition and follow-up in patients with vascular cognitive impairment.

Current projects
Jooske Boomsma is working on the ‘’Utrecht-Amsterdam clinical features and prognosis in vascular cognitive impairment” (TRACE-VCI) study. This project includes 860 patients with cognitive complaints in a memory clinic setting and different forms of vascular brain injury. Her research focus will provide insight in different VCI phenotypes and show which patients are at risk for progressive vascular disease and/or cognitive decline. She also studied the influence of different forms of vascular brain injury on the cognitive profile.


T: +31 20 510 89 11

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