Rutger Heinen

Rutger Heinen, MD
PhD student

Medicine, Utrecht University

Research focus
Structural magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging in vascular cognitive impairment

Current projects
His research focus is both methodological (the challenges we face when sharing imaging data in large national and international collaborative networks) as well as etiological (using brain volumes, both global and regional alongside traditional markers of small vessel disease on MRI such as white matter hyperintensities, lacunes and microbleeds and new advanced methods such as DTI to better understand the etiology of vascular cognitive impairment). Present projects aim to investigate the impact of various imaging markers in patients with vascular cognitive impairment and relate them to other neurodegenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s disease. This can aid in the understanding of vascular cognitive impairment.


T: +31 88 755 3935

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