Sanne Kuipers

Sanne Kuipers MD
PhD student & resident neurology

Medicine, Utrecht University

Research focus
Heart-brain axis

Current projects
Sanne Kuipers coordinates the Heart-Brain study, a CVON funded multicenter and multidisciplinary study. Her research aims to better understand the relation between cardiac disease, hemodynamic changes, structural brain damage and cognitive dysfunction. In her current project she develops a prediction model for cognitive impairment in patients with heart failure. With this prediction model she aims to support recognition of cognitive impairment in these patients by physicians.
She is also involved in the Excersion-VCI study, an aerobic exercise study in patients with vascular cognitive impairment, and the TREAT-SVDs, a SVD@Target project.

Heart-Brain study
Excersion-VCI study

T: +31 88 755 6866

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