Tine Arts

Tine Arts, MSc
PhD student

Physics, Radboud University

Research focus
Finding novel 7T markers of microvascular malfunction in patients with SVDs

Current projects
Tine Arts is one of the researchers working on the ZOOM@SVDs study, a substudy of the SVDs@target project. This is an international collaborative network of research groups which use novel animal models and expertly phenotyped patient cohorts to identify key mechanisms common to multiple SVDs and determine how these mechanisms contribute to individual SVDs. The ZOOM@SVDs project focusses on zooming in at microvascular malfunction in small vessels diseases with 7T MRI. This study includes healthy controls and monogenic as well as sporadic SVDs. Tine researches the velocity and pulsatility in the small vessels in the brain with the aim of finding markers for SVDs on 7T MRI. She also researches these parameters in a patient cohort of the CVON study.


E: t,arts-3@umcutrecht.nl
T: +31 88 755 0644